5th Caspian Sea’s Basin countries

– According to available statistics, Iran is the number one exporting country in the world among the CIS republics and the number one exporting country in the world, with about $ 1 billion exported to Azerbaijan in years 1 and 2.


– The volume of foreign trade turnover of the Republic of Azerbaijan in the year of 2008 amounted to $ 1.5 billion and $ 2.5 billion, including export of $ 2.5 billion and import of $ 8.5 million.


The most important issue in the trade with Azerbaijan is the following:
– Azerbaijan has the first and highest share of imports with more than $ 5 billion in imports. Iran also exports to Azerbaijan in the first place in the field of industry, and Iran participates in some of the major industrial projects under construction.
– Iran and Azerbaijan share common borders, religious and cultural affiliations, cultural and customs traditions, and due to the proximity of the two countries, trade (export and import) costs between the two countries are much lower than other CIS member states, and it is expected that the level The trade between the two countries is much higher and beyond the current situation.