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Why DAMINDUSTRY ​TECH exhibitions and investing in Syria?


To reach an answer, the Syrian building and industrial market and its conditions must be observe strategically.

Incidents have confirmed that Syria has the most appropriate situations and circumstances for investment-namely, its geographical location, its moderate Mediterranean climate and its vast areas which made it possible to find the largest industrial enterprises on its land which its area amount reaches to 185,000 SQM. These facts will constitute an essential basis of an encouraging investment environment, along with additional advantages offered by the investment law, constituting together a decisive factor in creating a remarkable investment atmosphere. Moreover, a collection of laws regulating and encouraging investments in various areas have been issued in Syria and the importance and efficacy of private and mixed-ownership funds as a strong mainstay and a solid basis for comprehensive economic development have been emphasized.

Investment opportunities in Syria:

No country in the region has more business generating potentials than Syria. Many new projects are creating massive demand for materials and equipment are needed for the rehabilitation of Syria’s infrastructure, electricity, water, oil and gas, petrochemical, transportation, agricultural and telecommunication sectors. 
Syria is in Urgent need of a full range of infrastructure products, services and systems that are included hospital, IT and security equipment, medicines, road and rail machinery, oil production tools, finance and insurance.
Syria has demanded for materials and technology in the long term and it will be needed to building the country in the medium term.



Build and infrastructure
The regenerate of Syria require major reconstruction is needed to demand for basic building materials and equipment such as cement, the various types of stone and rocks, road construction materials, architectural and civil engineering tools and technology and expertise, infrastructural materials and expertise such as water, electricity, heating and air conditioning with a good maintenance, equipment and materials.

Oil and Gas
The fortune of Syria is its position in the extraction of its valuable oil and gas resources. Moreover, there exist more opportunities within the fields of gas and oil discovery, drilling equipment and maintenance, processing and production technology, repository measurement and management, piping processing and engineering and experts.

Bridges and Railroads
These two items are as the most important infrastructure and essential in the facilitation and the assurance of Syria’s economic well-being.
Syria’s transportation infrastructural suffered critical damaged. Now the important content is to restore the transportation infrastructure and qualified level.

Water and sanitation facilities
Because of damaging the water and sanitation systems and a shortage of access to the basic hygiene, the people especially women and children are at environmental health risks and treatment of sewage water that are decrease.
For this reason, there is needed to expertise, facilities, equipment of piping and industries material for building again.​

Agriculture and Related Machinery
Syria’s agricultural sector is needed to crop production livestock, poultry farming and dairy product expertise and agricultural machinery and printing and packaging industries, technology and management, which are reduced due to years of conflicts.

This section is supplier of food for urban and rural area. In addition, it has income for the rural population.

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