Our Services

Our Services

We do things a bit differently, and that’s the way we like it!

«ITF Group» with more than 32 years of experience ,is founder and managers in executing more than 50 international exhibitions at C.I.S Region with help of group of specialist in the making and expanding market, sales and good facilities provide the bridge between imports and exports in international market.

Exhibition is always a good foundation for import and export, create new job, forcing exchange, economy and increase quality and quantity of product in Global competition.

Our specialists with experience of conducting exhibition in different country especially C.I.S Region and knowing about global market and exporting thousands of goods they are ready to executing any special and international exhibition.

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The Live Demonstration Theater will be a major highlight for our exhibitions optimizing the trade show experience, the live theater is the perfect platform for exhibitors to showcase or launch their products and services to an eager and interested audience. It is a unique opportunity to network, engage with visitors, and demonstrate product value and effectiveness.


The B2B Matchmaking Platform is a free service offered by ITF in order to guarantee the best show experience for both visitors and exhibitors and to ensure they meet the right partners.The Matchmaking Platform will help maximize your presence at exhibitions and give you the opportunity to create partnerships with specific suppliers and buyers.