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Uzindustrial Trade Fair 2023 Tashkent-Uzbekistan July 2023

Trade with neighbors can play the role of large markets for the export of Iranian products and services and revenues. To obtain currency for the country. Considering the population of several hundreds of millions of neighbors, it is possible to market the neighbors as a market
It looked big and expensive. We have no other way to boost production than export development, and if we are looking for a jump in production, we have to export pay attention as the most important factor of domestic production. With exports abroad to create employment, earn currency, improve the production cycle, improving the quality and quantity of goods in global markets will help return hope to business and boost production.
Based on Iran customs statistics and the announcement of Uzbekistan’s State Statistics Committee, the volume of trade relations between Iran and Uzbekistan in 2021 it was about 431 million dollars, which has grown by 73% (about 182 million dollars) compared to last year.
All exhibition sections include: oil and gas and petrochemical industry equipment, water and electricity energy, construction industry, steel-stone mining and minerals, mineral fuels and distillation products, vehicles and parts and accessories, medical equipment and drugs health, plastic, detergent and sanitary, insurance industry, production of tools and machinery, food and drink, agriculture and fertilizer and urea, Refrigeration, paint and oil, chemical, ceramic tile and sanitary services, aluminum, metal industries, building materials, smelting Iron, steel, wood, pipe making, livestock and poultry food, animal and vegetable fats and oils, furniture, textile and weaving, packaging and printing, ore and mining machines, cement, wagon making, rubber making, oil and gas, technical and engineering services, road construction, dam and tunnel and so on.


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