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About Us

We benefit from a strong team in holding exhibitions and conferences.

I.T.F Group with 30 years of experience of it is founder and managers in executing more than 50 international exhibitions at C.I.S Region with help of group of specialist in the making and expanding market, sales and good facilities provide the bridge between imports and exports in international market.
Exhibition is always a good foundation for import and export, create new job, forcing exchange, economy and increase quality and quantity of product in Global Competition.


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Our specialist with experience of conducting exhibition in different country especially C.I.S Region and knowing about global market and exporting thousands of goods they are ready to executing any special and international exhibition.

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Our Team

Hasan Mortaji
Founder & CEO

About Us

ITF Group international trading company with the history of 30 years activity in organizing trade exhibitions and conferences globally and internationally.
ITF Group is proceeding to organize international exhibitions in needed fields of industry and growing markets with universal attendance.

The C.I.S region is our specialized market field .We help you to connect your business to the markets all over the world.

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