Pavilion of the Islamic Republic of Iran in the first international conference and exhibition of new technologies of the Caspian littoral states 2019 Turkmenistan-Avaza

The conference was attended by participants from Turkmenistan, Russia, Belgium, Austria, Belarus, Georgia, Kazakhstan, Iran, Poland, Estonia, Saudi Arabia and several other countries. In particular, they assessed the port of Turkmenbashi for accepting cargo ships, the condition of its road and railway structures, and the experience of carrying out transportation projects in Turkmenistan. The conference also stressed the strategic importance of the international freight transport system in the Caspian Sea, the creation of access roads for Caspian ports to the Black Sea and Mediterranean ports so that the coastal countries of the sea can use these new waterways (waterways). Connect with European countries, the Middle East, South Asia and the Asia-Pacific region. Participants in the conference also tried to find solutions to expand port and maritime transport opportunities, to reduce land transport routes for the exchange of cargo between the Caspian littoral states, in the Caspian littoral, transport lands And provide better transportation and support for the Caspian states’ relations with the Baltic Sea countries, the countries of Central Asia and the Persian Gulf.

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